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Services Offered

These are just a few of the services offered. If you have special needs that aren't outlined here, feel free to send a message.

Script Consultation

Script Consultations are for the development of new work. The work can be for theatre, tv, film, podcasting or any other narrative creation.  I have extensive experience working one-on-one with artists in the creation of stories across mediums. Many clients have gone on to win awards and perform in festivals. The process begins with a 20 minute conversation with the artists to determine inspiration and goals for the pieces. Then a close read of the script with detailed page-by-page notes as well as overall feedback. Finally a 60 minute meeting to go over notes and discussion questions. This service is for individuals or organizations who have commissioned work.

Starts at $180 for 100 pages or less. 

Curriculum Design and Study Guides

 I have been teaching since 2012 and have experience as a a full-time, on-the-record teacher for 6th grade through University. As a passionate educator and current professor, I have extensive experience creating engaging curriculum around plays, films and tv shows for students of all ages. I am also available to create study guides and educational programs for arts presentations and cultural events. 

Audience Engagement, Talkbacks and Hosting

I love facilitating conversations between artists and audiences. I welcome the opportunity to both host and/or appear on panels. I am also available to curate audience engagement programs leading up to and after events. 

Cultural Consulting, Dramaturgy and Research

Get a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural context of an existing piece of art. This piece could be textual, visual, audio or any other medium. Though my speciality is Black Performance Heritage, I am an expert researcher with extensive experience in research techniques and the acquisition and interpretation of archival information. Research can be delivered in a number of ways including packets, presentations or research boards. If you are interested in new theories and methodologies around taking research off the page and putting it into the body, check out Afrocentricity X Dramaturgy, a theory in development, that is both future focused and based on history.

Podcast Production

As an alumni of Spotify's Sound-Up Program, a training program for women of color podcasters, I have with both the knowledge and the equipment required to support the production of your podcast project. Services range from script editing to casting, to producing. If you are local to Los Angeles, check out our headquarters for your podcast recording needs. 

Speaking Engagements 

I am available to come to your classroom, university, or organization to discuss Afrocentricity X Dramaturgy, Dramaturgy, Storytelling, Theatre, Theatre History, Black Performance, Culture and History. Speaking engagements are available in-person or via Zoom. 

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